August 24th, 2010

OpenRPG: Internet Tabletop!

I was recently introduced to a program called OpenRPG. Link is right there.

What it does, is simulate a table with a grid that you can play tabletop RPGs with. You have a pen you can use to draw the rooms, a chat area where the players and GM can talk, you can import images from websites to have for miniatures etc. It seems like a solid tool for those people that are can’t get out to get to a TT session or those that don’t want to, if the local gamers are all trolls, or even if there is no real group out there. They can log-on and talk and get their gaming that way. With SKype/Ventrilo/etc. and such they can also voicechat for a more authentic experience.

There are two flavors of OpenRPG:

Basically they are as different as Fedora and Ubuntu. Both Linux builds. Basically the core is there however there may be differences in the way that it is GUI’d or the functionality. The Vanilla flavor has an installer that will install everything for you while the Traipse version wants you to have Python and wxPython pre-installed. (Honestly I don’t like installers that have dependencies.)