February 25th, 2011

Let’s Hate and the expansion of Blue

I was going to do a series of videos for a “Let’s Hate”, where I take a look at problematic games and point out every problem in it.  Ar Tonelico was the first on the chopping block after The Border House article about the III game and that one person forgot all the misogyny until it was pointed out again. I was actually watching a Let’s Play on the game, where I got some scenes from however the let’s player went on hiatus. I’ll probably put Ar Tonelico II on the block afterwards followed by either Mana-Khemia or another title.

I have decided also to expand into anime, as many times there are games based on anime and anime based on games, so I’m going to do some anime reviews for anime that truly are good or truly fail.

Also, I’m going to tweak the theme by A LOT, I’m getting tired of broken CSS that seemed to work in  theory under Dreamweaver. WordPress is.. different.