April 11th, 2011

LET’S HATE!!! Ar Tonelico – Intro/Episode 01

Finally starting the LET’S HATE!!! Episodes will appear on no set schedule and may stop at any time. I’ll give a final episode though if I quit.

Rrha ki ra tie yor ini en nha
Wee ki ra parge yor ar ciel
Was yea ra chs mea yor en fwal
Ma ki ga ks maya yor syec

Those with the Hymmnos font installed will see it correctly. ;)

And without further ado, the videos!


October 8th, 2009

What is this blog about?

This blog is going to be a haven to any game reviews I want to make and any video diary entries for games I play. They might be likened to “Let’s Plays” though less formal. It will also be a place where I post my “on the radars” for games I am looking forward too.