October 21st, 2009

Magic the Re-Gathering

I went with some friends yesterday and was reintroduced to Magic: The Gathering. I had set the game down back around the time of the Ice Age expansion and didn’t look back. Pausing only briefly to pick up the Pokemon Card game, which is a pretty awesome game into itself.

It was a draft play, so I was at the same advantage as other people. I still lost though. Guy had some kind of nasty green deck.

Things that I didn’t quite like with the way it was run was that..once you lost.. it was over. In Pokemon, if you lose, you play someone else until the tournament is over.
Also, in a Pokemon draft, you built a deck with the cards you got. In Magic, you take a card then pass the rest to the next person.
They still have the “you can only use these expansions” rule as Pokemon, which of course is only there to sell more cards. That at least doesn’t change.
Some likes though are that you can use any card sleeve, instead of the Pokemon solid non-holo color or Pokemon backs. Then again this also prevents people from using their hentai honey sleeves against 6 year olds.

Other things that changed are new rules, like “kicking” things. Kicking was fun. I’ll have to play more with the new cards though, as I only have some lands and that which came in the three packs I got.

Honestly I want a card game with sexy men in it. That was why I was so into YuGiOh, I could build a Black Magician deck :3 While that might have made my deck suck a little bit, at least I had something to look at.