November 3rd, 2018

Silent Hill – Review

So, I’m not getting what’s so good about this game. It kills off every woman in the story and even Harry’s wife ahead of time. You can save Sybil, however that’s not really considered canon.

It’s the same story every other horror game seems to have. We have a male, always a male, who has lost his wife/GF/daughter maybe all three and is plunged into this hell world with “sexy nurses” wearing outfits from 50 years ago as modern nurses wear scrubs, zombies or zombie adjacents, insects and “abominations”. Basically regular humans with some deformities. Also there will be a hospital of some sort.
There will be female characters however all of them will die by the end.

This game is no exception. Saving a woman is considered an “extra” ending as if you shouldn’t go out of your way to do it. We have the daughter, that dies, the teenage girl that’s suffering, that dies, the “sexy nurse” that of course dies. The mom/parent dies and the cop you meet at the beginning dies. Then at the “good” end you are left with a baby. I like the bad end, where Harry is dead and it was all his misogynistic dying dream.

Of course this isn’t the last Silent Hill game to be made. I’m honestly glad that Kojima didn’t get to make his misogynistic ode to the series.