December 8th, 2012

Astro Garden – First Look

So I went looking for new Facebook games to play when I got a little bored and this was one of the ones I came across.

This game is very similar to Frontierville when it was still around/a thing. Basically you start with a house and you have to build up from there, clearing the land and planting crops etc. Your goal is to build up an awesome place to live and or a town/city.

The story is that you were struck by lightening or something, it only shows you what’s happening and doesn’t explain too much, and you end up on this wacky different place with Exotic Eggplants and strange chickens and you have to build a lab to research hybrid weird crops and animals.
The intro to the game shows that you can be as great as THESE scientists.. Newton, Einstein and Da Vinci.. yup all male. No Curies, Lovelaces or any of them. Which.. I have no idea how they really factor into the game other than you are researching crops.