October 9th, 2009

The Dark Spire – NDS – 1st Person Dungeon – First Impression

This game play similar to Class of Heroes, only with less people. You still have people in the back that can’t fight…however with class restrictions, they won’t be able to get weapons to fight in the front at all. I might go and remake my party to compensate for this.

So far though I’ve been enjoying the game play, I really wish they have a middle ground on the Modern/Classic dungeon, as I love the classic enemies and the dudes, but I want more than lines for the walls. Something more like the newer remakes of the old Wizardry, or Eye of the Beholder. Something sprite art, but more than lines.

Also, I like classic mode as the music sounds better. :3

There are no voices in this game.. at least not yet. So no worries about dubbing..