March 25th, 2024

Psychedelia of the Black Butterfly – Review

This probably the worst non-indie otome game I’ve played so far. I question if this was really written for a female audience.
The MC is a complete doormat and treated like a child by the men around her. She is of course younger than them because not only are women expected to be subservient, but also younger for some reason. In one scene the boys are actively keeping away a shoujo manga from the MC. A manga that was written and designed for her target audience. All because it’s too “steamy”. In this she is treated as a child who should not be exposed to anything remotely sexual. Yet we have two of the boys constantly touching her without consent, especially Karasuba that even touches her legs and sits close to her. This also has that gross habit of all Japanese media of having a woman apologize for everything she does and her existence. Even when it’s not her fault.
This game also goes really hard on hating women. Being called a “woman” is an insult to men, which is why our society’s insults are based on likening everything to being female, or female anatomy.


Now that this is done, I’ll have to see how it’s loose sequel holds up.

Music is however fantastic. If anything give the soundtrack a listen.

April 14th, 2023

Famicom Detective Club II: Ushiro ni Tastu Shoujo – Review

First and foremost the translation by Demiforce is pretty garbage. Not only do they add themselves to the narrative on one clue, but there’s also lots of American pop cultural references as well as “Wassup,G” in one part of the game that is out of place. Some of these references weren’t even around when the game was made. One major thing is the transphobia they added for one character in particular when you are interviewing students. Of course Nintendo gave them something to work with which is the other half of this review. How utterly misogynistic this whole game is.

This is the prequel game to “The Missing Heir”. So it basically is telling you where Ayumi came from.

Ayumi who made a Detective Club at school with her friends Hitomi and Yoko. Yoko who was murdered and is the main case of the whole game. Ayumi who is only there as a prize at the end for ‘doing good’ and then becomes the main office slave, useful to get coffee and do men’s menial labor. So much for being a Detective. Of course there are a number of points where she’s “just in the way” as well. Leading for her to be taken as a damsel to be saved… twice.
Yeah this game is a dating sim too.
At least she wasn’t Yoko! Yoko faces a worse fate.

By the end of the game the text exonerates a murder who is also an accessory to murder. Who literally DISPOSED of Yoko and killed Shinobu. The game praises him as a “good guy”. The girls of course are simply trash. Thrown away. He dies an “honorable” death. “He looks up for his students!” As long as they are male.
Meanwhile this is where the plot goes off the rails. Where everything points to him and it flips to “Oh, this other teacher is suddenly a homicidal maniac and REALLY did all the killings!” The story would have been much better if it was about a man who everything thinks is “great and wonderful” but in the end was human garbage. Nope, gotta put all that on someone else… right. at. the. very. end. Just to have Mr. Dogshit come out smelling clean, despite a hit and run and then disposing of the body. Despite tossing a girl into a river. Girls aren’t human to Nintendo in this game.

Also of course it has the “Yoko looks EXACTLY like Shinobu” interchangeable women BS as well on top of all this.

On top of all this there are points where you are blocked not knowing what to do. One is a dunk guy where you have to go through all of the options more than once and is just annoying. Prepare to get stuck.

April 11th, 2023


This game is supposed to be a(nother?) reboot prequel to the whole Jinguuji Saburou series. I have no idea why Aksys games didn’t butcher this into Jake Hunter again. Probably because this is set in New York.
Still this game exists meaning that NO OTHER Jinguuji Saburou games do. So, this isn’t connected to anything.
People will start pointing out about how Jake Hunter is Saburou… but NO… Aksys did a good job of whitewashing the Saburou games into Jake Hunter. Jinguuji Saburou is dead.
Maybe they are planning to have a compilation game where they finally do a correct translation instead of thier whitwashing garbage. A pity that Night of the Sickle Weasel also fell to their whitewashing.

A lot of frustration in this game is the back and forth between places you have to do. The “tutorial” camp episode is one of them.
People telling you to go or hinting at places to be at only for you to go there and nothing is there. No you were supposed to go elsewhere first. You will also find the place only to talk to one character to get a sentence of text before rushing off to the hunt down the next place you are expected to be at.
I feel at one point in the camp even the devs got tired of talking to all three of the kids, adding nothing to anything, where they just make an excuse to get rid of them. Really they shouldn’t have been there as much as they were to begin with.

Another thing is that you have to look at items multiple times. Even when you get the info you need. There’s also a “SEARCH” you can use that will cause these glass shards to illuminate what you can view. Only it doesn’t work if you’ve viewed the item before. See above as you need to view them multiple times. There’s also sometimes an order you need to view them in. Lest to say lots of time was wasted.

The character is told in the news clipping that Daedalus means “DEAD ‘O blood LOSS” yet he goes around asking over and over what it is. I get that DAEDALUS is supposed to be a code word, but the fact the kid can’t read that it was just made up in the news clipping and it wasn’t even commented on it… WTF. He could have gone around saying “The news said this… but does it mean more.

Lots of misplaced labels and wrong names (Good job Aksys). A bar counter for example is called the Circulation Desk.

Yoko, the one that ends up being the office slave to Saburou is introduced as being cool and levelheaded. later however she’s dismissed and rendered completely useless “would only get in the way”, becoming a damsel to be saved later. Melissa, Dan’s mom, has her boobs hanging out for no reason. This is even lampshaded by Dan. She also gets damseled despite being a “super assassin”. She at one point “cries like a little girl”. Because the male writers see women as children.

The character designs are off too, if this is set in New York. Marie for example does the very Japanese female character design of chest clutching with her broken ankles stance. She is also written in her bio that she has a personality stronger than she looks. The design is very out of place with the pesudo-realism they have going on.

There are a few times you can comment on women’s chests. This is in there. Why? Why do these men hate women so much that they want to further normalize sexual harassment.

April 3rd, 2023

Paranormasight – Review

Another detective game I had very low hopes for and was surprised it was so good.

This game is a detective game with occult/paranormal element that’s set in Japan in the 80s. It’s an 80s detective story and I’m glad Aksys didn’t get their slimy fingers on this. It’s well steeped in Japanese terminology and 80s Japanese detective tropes.

It’s about a set of character that are Curse Users that each have a reason to bring someone back from the dead. The whole plot unfolds as you find out how each are linked to each other.
There’s some 4th wall shenanigans that are explained at the end of the game that don’t take away from the story and some puzzle that require you to talk to people well more than once, as well as examining items in rooms more than once.

I have to say the highlight of this game however is Richter Kai. A PI who left the force, who you can’t see how he was ever on the force. He’s probably the most animated (and hot) character next to Erio.

The best part about this game is that all the characters look their age, no 40yo that look 10 here. The women also act like people and not just some stereotype personality. It was a relief to see this after seeing the Switch shop flooded with porn VNs. Finally one where they told a really good story without all that garbge.
It also proves that you can tell a story without pandering to men’s dicks.

The main problem I had with this game was the chromatic aberration. It started to hurt my eyes after a while and there’s no off switch.
Overall though a really great game.

March 29th, 2023

Disaster Detective Saiga – Review

So I played this on a whim and didn’t have high hopes for it thinking it’d be another otaku pandering mess and…

It’s not.

It’s a funny (however short) comedy detective game with Lovecraftian/Cryptid plots. I really enjoyed it. The ending itself comes out of nowhere.

I will get out of the way the problems I had with it:
Namely a 10yo girl is constantly saying that she and Tendo are going to get married.
Tendo Saiga is 29…
Tendo however doesn’t even acknowledge it at all, doesn’t even comment on it and ignores it.
That girl also hates Hin Rei because she’s the new sidekick and thus horning in on her territory. Really they could have done without any of that and it would have improved the game a lot.

The only other problems was the text run on. But I could overlook that.

After all that it’s a nice fun comedy adventure in a town that is plagued by Lovecraftian creatures. None of the creatures use Lovecraftian names however, which is a bit of a relief. There’s also no talks about “sanity” or any of that after seeing these creatures. For Tendo, cryptids are just the norm.
There was also no gross sexualization of Hin Rei or any of the other women. Save one, and even then only slightly, and then the reaction of Tendo well.. spoiler and humorous. Not gross.
That all being said I found the whole experience a but short. It’s mostly voiced? There are parts that are fully voice and other parts that are just a catchphrase. I appreciated having the voices.
I was left wanting more and felt that I had only experienced one chapter of a trilogy game, instead of a whole game.

I would definitely check the game out if you are looking for a lighthearted visual novel.