July 14th, 2013

365 Days of Pointy Hats and Magic: Day 02

MaverynIDI woke up early today an went to finish off my introductory classes. Lydia wanted to play a bit, so I took the time to go fishing in the river. I seem to have caught a neon tetra. I didn’t know such a big hook could catch such a tiny fish. I wonder if Lydia was having any fun, I don’t recall her catching anything at all. Maybe she did and I was too focused on my own hook.
The next class was about music and the teacher seemed to encourage us to hang around in bars. I planned to do just that the next chance I got. Lime Light I heard was open fairly lateish.

Intro classes were over and I took a break outside to water some flowers and stretch. I talked to some of the students that were hanging around the courtyard and then proceeded back in for some more class. I hear there is one class a day! I take it we are supposed to be practicing what we learn.
When I went back in I noticed a new teacher standing by the door. He was Mr. Oakley, the magic spells teacher. The spell we learnt that day was the Treasure Hunt spell. It helps to find things buried in the ground. I was super excited to try it out as soon as class was over.
I made sure to talk to Phoebe and Lydia before I headed out the door, I hear making friends is somewhat a big part of life here at Microkeno.
Outside I decided to try on my wizard hat for the first time and actually do some magic.
The first time I tried the spell I didn’t see anything however moving to the back fence and casting it once again, I saw the ground light up and that’s where I dug.
I only found a decayed tooth… bleh. I kept it thinking it might be worth something later. I tried search for a while more and turned up nothing. I wonder if treasure is rare here or by treasure do they mean buried garbage.
After talking to some students, I went in to the teachers lounge and saw Mr. Vlad and Ms. Strawe in there. Mr. Vlad is the Linguistics teacher and Ms. Strawe is the Incantation teacher. I have a feeling I’ll be seeing them later. By later I mean my next class was with Ms. Strawe. I was so excited!
Incantations are different from Spells as Incantations require some form of catalyst and some form of ritual. Spells are simple chants and then an effect. The Incantation for today was Invisibility. I remember seeing some ruins on my travels looking for treasure and I had gotten a crystal from turning in my fish, so I thought… why not try it later?

After classes I was free to go check out the town finally. I tried looking for more treasure, to no avail, then headed to the barber shop. It seems that hairstyles are somewhat of a special of the day, and expensive to boot. 3600 Ritch for one! I think I’ll stick with what I have currently. I then checked out the clothing shop which had a nice suit but was around 13000 Ritch. I was hoping the tooth I had found would be worth something considering the prices I was seeing. Reginald had given 3000 Ritch earlier and I had put 1000 in the bank and hoped the interest gained would be enough.
I then entered the gardening shop and was amazed at the colors and the various different types of plants in there. I knew I would be coming back later!
Next on my agenda was to hang out in Lime Light, the local bar, as Principal Sol had suggested. I sat at the bar and ordered the special which was blackberry “juice” for 200 Ritch. It tasted OK, but I wasn’t impressed. I had had better at my family estate. After the drink I took the time to memorize the music enough to recall it for someone had a I need for it. Principal Sol had said Piquard would know the tunes. I unknowingly headed to Harrows next. The building was so huge I couldn’t see the sign from up close.
When I entered I was greeted with lavish overheard, in quite a regal setting. I was instantly drawn to the fancy broom off to my right. I must have that broom!
Unfortunately Piquard says the broom costs 71400 Ritch! >Δ< Highway robbery I say. What kind of economy is this!

Next was the potions shop. The old wizard in there wanted me to do a task for her in finding mushrooms that she would pay more for. I love mushrooms so I agreed. Finding the mushrooms wasn’t hard, however I couldn’t take all of them back with me, my bag was too full, so I managed to at least get one of each. I returned and she seemed overjoyed, she actually gave me a sample of the potion and 1000 Ritch as a bonus. So happy. I’ll have to go back and see her later for more work.
When I returned to my dorm, Reginald was there to see me. The principal had made a request for my presence. I had hoped I was in no trouble. While being a bit mischievous was allowed, too much and it would be troublesome.
The Principal wanted to inform me of “another world” that was out there and that only I could open the door to it with the key he had given me. Mystery Time he called it, when the gate to the other side had been opened, and what was over there came to here.
Only.. I had forgotten where the Door of Beginning and End was. Eheh heh heh. I’m sure I’ll find it eventually! This school is big, but not THAT big… I hope.
Finally it was time for me to sleep so I returned to my dorm room. Two new mushrooms had sprung up in my absence. I think I may need a lamp, however I’m wondering if I can even afford one.

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