July 13th, 2013

365 Days of Pointy Hats and Magic: Day 01

MaverynIDToday I started on my magical education.
I was so excited to finally get out of the boring mundane school system and do something different in my life. I had heard about the Microkeno school from a few of the upperclasspeople in my last school and knew it was the best choice in magic schools.
When I arrived at the school I was sent to the principal, Mr. Sol, to answer a few basic questions on when I was born, my name and such. I had to blur my birthdate as I hear some wizards, when knowing your birthdate, will cause all sorts of havoc with your life.
Mr. Sol seems like a nice person, I can only hope I will not have to see him often.
After meeting with Principal Sol, I met a… very odd gentleman… gentle pepper? Yes I say gentlepepper as this person was not human, I don’t even think he was animal having a pepper for a head.
His name was Reginald and he was the dorm master. I didn’t feel comfortable with having a man be the dorm master, however it seems that the dorms are co-ed anyways. He told me my room was behind the red door and gave me a present for being a new student. I decided to check out my room and see what it looked like.
After entering the room, I noticed mushrooms (Veiled Lady) growing on the floor. I take it this was normal for a magic school and promptly picked the mushrooms. I then set up my wardrobe and stored the mushrooms inside.

Reginald walked me to the gates of the school
After which it was time to take a tour of the school where when I went inside I was greeted by a moon headed individual.
It look me a little bit to figure out that this was principal Sol, it seems his appearance changes based on the time of day. I must keep telling myself that this is normal for this kind of place.
Principal Sol had a few lessons for me before I started formally taking classes. At first I was given my wand and wizard hat after being introduced.

I went on to learn how my wand can change into different tools, quite handy I must say, such as a shovel or a watering can. I needn’t carry those things around with me.
I also learnt in class that there are others that don’t take class seriously. I was tossed a note which I read from Phoebe who was saying that bug catching wasn’t just for boys. I pitied her upbringing in which she was taught that things are for boys and things are for girls. Bug catching was a favorite hobby of mine!

After class I got to talk to Laurel, a flower headed boy, who… is a terrible person. He basically wants to abuse girls from afar and then sweep in to save them. I can only hope if he ever does that, the girl in question will have him figured out and push him down some stairs. Lest to say I will keep my distance from him when I can.
He asked me to play, so I took this as an opportunity to study him further and plan my retaliation against him, should he target me for his abuse.

After fishing for a short bit and catching a Sillago, I decided it was time to explore the rest of the campus. I found so many odd things around. One of them was a magic wardrobe that would allow me to design my own clothes! This was neat, it even included hemming scissors to add a special hem to whatever I was making. I will have to remember this place for later. So many ideas on what to make with it. After being content with this, I moved on.
Outside on my way to the tower I caught a kabuto mushi, or as the locals call it, a dynastid beetle or rhinocerous beetle. However that last one is a bit broad.
After entering the tower I soon found myself face to face with talking books that had been chained to the ground. Each one seemed to be interested in either fish or bugs. The blue one, I will name Sakana, was pleasant for a book with teeth and wanted my fish to.. eat. The green one, nicknamed Mushi, instead was a bit rude and wanted my bugs. However Mushi seemed to like the beetle I gave him. I think I will stick to Sakana for now. I rather not have my arm bitten off.

After a long day of learning the basics, I decided to go back to my room and retire for the evening. I have a long day ahead of me tomorrow.

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