February 25th, 2011

Let’s Hate and the expansion of Blue

I was going to do a series of videos for a “Let’s Hate”, where I take a look at problematic games and point out every problem in it.  Ar Tonelico was the first on the chopping block after The Border House article about the III game and that one person forgot all the misogyny until it was pointed out again. I was actually watching a Let’s Play on the game, where I got some scenes from however the let’s player went on hiatus. I’ll probably put Ar Tonelico II on the block afterwards followed by either Mana-Khemia or another title.

I have decided also to expand into anime, as many times there are games based on anime and anime based on games, so I’m going to do some anime reviews for anime that truly are good or truly fail.

Also, I’m going to tweak the theme by A LOT, I’m getting tired of broken CSS that seemed to work in  theory under Dreamweaver. WordPress is.. different.

That being said, I’m putting the Magi Madoka on the Let’s Hate anime block along with Clannad AIR. (Madoka isn’t finished yet so I might finish it.)

The Let’s hates will probably be rare as I can’t be troubled to waste my life watching or playing crap that I’m not interested in,  so it’s going to be the rare gems that DO pique my interest enough to care about them, whether it’s people trumpeting something as something super feminist despite it being super NOT feminist (it takes more than strong women to be feminist, it also takes treating the characters as human and equal and not calling them idiots because they told your superior that you care two shits about them, and these are the GOOD guys. Or even being able to demolish a city with super powers you have to get naked to use!) to just having super awesome music that I can’t believe they fucked up the game that badly. The games and anime may or may not be finished depending on how much I can tolerate and how much misogyny really is in them, or how much the game/anime sucks in other ways. (You know, slow plot to nowheresville, grind city, or even this boss is undefeatable!)






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  1. SMT Devil Children

    Hello, I have watched the video op and read your post about Devil Children,,

    Are you still searching for subber for this series ?

    If so, i may be can help, if you are interested, could you provide the RAW episodes ?