July 13th, 2013

365 Days of Pointy Hats and Magic: Day 01

MaverynIDToday I started on my magical education.
I was so excited to finally get out of the boring mundane school system and do something different in my life. I had heard about the Microkeno school from a few of the upperclasspeople in my last school and knew it was the best choice in magic schools.
When I arrived at the school I was sent to the principal, Mr. Sol, to answer a few basic questions on when I was born, my name and such. I had to blur my birthdate as I hear some wizards, when knowing your birthdate, will cause all sorts of havoc with your life.
Mr. Sol seems like a nice person, I can only hope I will not have to see him often.
After meeting with Principal Sol, I met a… very odd gentleman… gentle pepper? Yes I say gentlepepper as this person was not human, I don’t even think he was animal having a pepper for a head.
His name was Reginald and he was the dorm master. I didn’t feel comfortable with having a man be the dorm master, however it seems that the dorms are co-ed anyways. He told me my room was behind the red door and gave me a present for being a new student. I decided to check out my room and see what it looked like.
After entering the room, I noticed mushrooms (Veiled Lady) growing on the floor. I take it this was normal for a magic school and promptly picked the mushrooms. I then set up my wardrobe and stored the mushrooms inside.

Reginald walked me to the gates of the school
After which it was time to take a tour of the school where when I went inside I was greeted by a moon headed individual.
It look me a little bit to figure out that this was principal Sol, it seems his appearance changes based on the time of day. I must keep telling myself that this is normal for this kind of place.
Principal Sol had a few lessons for me before I started formally taking classes. At first I was given my wand and wizard hat after being introduced.

I went on to learn how my wand can change into different tools, quite handy I must say, such as a shovel or a watering can. I needn’t carry those things around with me.
I also learnt in class that there are others that don’t take class seriously. I was tossed a note which I read from Phoebe who was saying that bug catching wasn’t just for boys. I pitied her upbringing in which she was taught that things are for boys and things are for girls. Bug catching was a favorite hobby of mine!

After class I got to talk to Laurel, a flower headed boy, who… is a terrible person. He basically wants to abuse girls from afar and then sweep in to save them. I can only hope if he ever does that, the girl in question will have him figured out and push him down some stairs. Lest to say I will keep my distance from him when I can.
He asked me to play, so I took this as an opportunity to study him further and plan my retaliation against him, should he target me for his abuse.

After fishing for a short bit and catching a Sillago, I decided it was time to explore the rest of the campus. I found so many odd things around. One of them was a magic wardrobe that would allow me to design my own clothes! This was neat, it even included hemming scissors to add a special hem to whatever I was making. I will have to remember this place for later. So many ideas on what to make with it. After being content with this, I moved on.
Outside on my way to the tower I caught a kabuto mushi, or as the locals call it, a dynastid beetle or rhinocerous beetle. However that last one is a bit broad.
After entering the tower I soon found myself face to face with talking books that had been chained to the ground. Each one seemed to be interested in either fish or bugs. The blue one, I will name Sakana, was pleasant for a book with teeth and wanted my fish to.. eat. The green one, nicknamed Mushi, instead was a bit rude and wanted my bugs. However Mushi seemed to like the beetle I gave him. I think I will stick to Sakana for now. I rather not have my arm bitten off.

After a long day of learning the basics, I decided to go back to my room and retire for the evening. I have a long day ahead of me tomorrow.

June 22nd, 2013

The Pink Cage

I really hate how pink is being used as a cage for women and girls, especially girls. Examining toys at how every freaking toy for girls is pink in some way is very heart breaking. While boys get the plethora of colors. It’s a cage because at one time it was used to empower women as it was a masculine color. Then it was used to DEFINE women.

It also sucks in anime that to be the hero of a shoujo anime, you need to LOVE PINK. If you like any other color, too bad, you are the second stringer.
It didn’t start off that way. Going back to Sailor Moon, her colors were red, white, blue and if you include hair, yellow. If you didn’t like those four colors, then yeah you were out of luck, but there was nothing bad associated with those colors. Nothing bad like the associations with pink. After Sailor Moon there’s Wedding Peach, with the main girl’s hair… IS PINK. After that in Futari wa Pretty Cure with back with pink highlights, then more pink, then Splash Star and Oooohhhh fucking… pink it all out!!

So if you want to be a modern day shoujo hero, you have to conform to femininity. You have to love pink, because your outfit will be pink, all the items will be pink, the small creature following you is probably going to be pink in some way. Your room will be pink, it will be your favorite color. If you don’t believe that pink define femininity, they just go to a hard ware store and you’ll find the pink this and that “for women” of course. Pink you see is this color that will melt the flesh off men.
Pink is also associated with babies, and nurturing, and weakness, submission, and helplessness. Despite it being just a color. Funny how all those things are what men (and brainwashed women) use to define women as. Weak, helpless, infantile… One one hand men want us to conform to those traits and on the other find it annoying when we do. Pink is no exception. Guys will kill themselves (yes sometimes literally) if they have to do anything related to the feminine. Pink is no expectation. The guys wearing pink is a parody a joke. They are gay one because that is also associated with being feminine.
And here we have a position that has all this crap behind it, that if you don’t want to deal with, too bad, you can’t have the empowering female fantasy you want because blue and black aren’t colors a proper shoujo hero wears. You want to wear pink!! It’s every girls dream!! That’s they way they sell it to girls and brainwash them into thinking they want the color in the first place. The hero is pink so I must like pink to be the hero. I must CONFORM. it’s shitty where there is exactly ONE anime targeted at you where you don’t have to wear pink. ONE!
Thus we have the cage. That cage girls can’t escape because there is nothing out there that telling them they can also like other colors and be other colors and also feel the ultimate empowerment in being a hero. You can only watch Sailor Moon so many times. You either conform to pink or you get to be a side character.

Yeah you can tell I hate the color pink. I’m not a feminine person and having likes I want to be into and not having a deep selection makes one hate the color, it makes me hate being a woman in the first place. You can’t deny pink is currently a feminine color. So of course you have people that will lash out against the color, it’s currently being used as a weapon to beat women into submission.
So really people, lay off the damn pink already.

April 28th, 2013

Digital Downloads are Worthless

So I’ve been trying to get my mom into the whole digital revolution and she hasn’t taken to it. I also can’t disagree with her.
I’ve been trying to get her to buy books she might enjoy on Amazon which comes up with a few problems:
“They are three times as expensive as the physical book I can buy at Wal-mart!” True, fair enough. Amazon eBook prices are ludicrous.
“What if I don’t want it anymore?” You can just delete it from your library. “Do I get my money back?” No. “Then I don’t want it!”
See, with something digital, you can’t sell it back, nor sell it to someone else. It’s worthless once you pay for it the resell value starts at $0. It’s worse that buying a car!
So I talked her into getting some free books that are offered for a short time or books that were free forever. That seemed cool, but then she wanted the books by the authors she read for free. That’s her mindset, digital items needs to be free. Why? Another point. She had read about a woman who was locked out of her entire Amazon library and there was NO WAY she was getting it back. She couldn’t sue because she wasn’t in the US and Amazon was ignoring her.
“So they can lock me out of all my book at anytime?” Yes… yes they can and for whatever reason. Then you just hope the courts back you if/when you sue. I tried to explain to her why they can do that.
Well mom, you don’t actually buy (a copy) of the book. You more or less rent it.
“So I pay triple the price to rent it? BULLSHIT!” Yeah you do mom… That new game on PSN, you just paid $70 as a rental/license fee. You don’t own that game. Sony can at any time stop doing business and you won’t have access to that game. They can do that. It’s even worse for Nintendo owners as it’s tied to your device and if your device dies.. you ain’t getting your games back ever! I think the way you can transfer the account is through one of those transfer things, but it’s only ONE per device and once the device is dead.. it’s too late.

Let’s take a look at physical objects. When you pay $70 for a physical copy of the game, you own that game. You get what’s called “First Sale” rights to sell that game to someone else. (Of course now game companies have eroded that away with DRM and such that people embraced with open arms.) You can take that game and put it into a blender. You can lend it to your friend, who you hope won’t put it into a blender. Or as my mom enjoys, gong to a used book store and buying used books that she can access, sell, burn whatever.
With digital game, you can do this. At any point the $3000 you spent on games can just be cut off. The companies don’t even have to compensate you for it NOR provide you with a copy on physical media. It’s… just.. gone… poof.
Of course people will argue “Well you never owned the right to physical media…. DRM… license… etc…” They basically rolled over and let companies make new laws on how YOU the consumer get to do with what YOU OWN.

Let’s look at what an actual license let’s you do. You can get a license to drive, a license to sell alcohol, a license to fish. However if those licenses are revoked, you don’t lose your car, your bottle of booze, or your fishing tackle. You just aren’t authorized to use them. You can take those items and sell them, donate them, or find someone with a license to use them for you. In the case of digital media, it seems that the license is the thing itself, the game/book/movie was revoked. You can’t even let a friend use it. Also in all those cases, not having a license doesn’t prevent you from driving, selling booze nor fishing… you just hope you don’t get caught.

So yes, digital downloads are worthless and you pay for them. You can never get the money back you spent on them, nor can you get a physical copy of what you spent your money on.

SOLUTIONS! There are of course easy solutions to this, however it’s getting companies to agree to them.
If for whatever reason you are banned from a service (Amazon, Steam, PSN) that company MUST provide you a DRM free copy of whatever you bought in a format that is most understood for no charge. (That fee was in the initial cost). The latter part basically so they can’t give you a DRM filled .XYZ file that you need a specific program to access it with that you can’t use because you’ve been banned from the service in the first place.
Allow you to sell back your purchase at a discounted price, OR allow you to sell your copy to another person. The only problem with this one is, digital things are like bacteria. They can split off and make more of themselves, thus what’s stopping someone from buying a new copy. With physical media you can count the copies. Still, it could be offered that there are “used” copies available at ripoff GameStop prices ($5 off the new price and you one get $5 of that!)
Allow you to request physical media FOR SALE, where the DVD/CD/BD might have a code on it which when activated dumps your entire library off the computer and only available from the disc. Problems however include having to have internet access to do this, which physical media (is supposed to) not have.

In the end, mom was right. This digital thing muse be approached with caution and questions, lest you end up with no money and no items.

April 21st, 2013

LET’S HATE!!! Ar Tonelico – 11

Last of the first batch, going to have to record some more when I want to put up with the game.
We explore the city, Grathmeld and do some character development.

Rrha ki ra tie yor ini en nha
Wee ki ra parge yor ar ciel
Was yea ra chs mea yor en fwal
Ma ki ga ks maya yor syec


April 13th, 2013

Maverynthia’s Anime|Manga Calendar – April

Karneval [Josei]
I’ve only seen the first episode, but I’m not sure I’m going to keep with it. I’m not big into secret societies, secrets and mysterious people, and that has this right from the start. Who is Circus, who is Karoku, what is going on? Yeah, not my cup of tea.

Shingeki no Kyojin [Shounen]
I don’t normally read or watch shounen because REALLY, it’s all the same. However I gave this a glace because it looked like it might be a more serious manga and it was. It still has it’s shounen roots with the main character having a super power that none of his friends have and being the center of attention, and while he is awesome, he’s not polished awesome and thus needs training.
What kept me reading however is the fact that the female characters aren’t drawn to look any different. No skirt uniforms or pendulous breasts here. They are drawn such that they often sometimes look like the men and I like that, because that is more realistic of how the world work that boob armor and boob socks. Also it is said that the best person on the team is Mikasa.
While it does it’s typical shounen, “The main hero must be better!”, it hasn’t really put down any of the main female characters. Mikasa is awesome, Annie is awesome and Ymir is awesome.
The anime started recently and so far seems to be following the manga in terms of story, the art style is different and I’ll have to see if they decide to take it in a wild different direction. The manga artwork isn’t what you usually expect. It has a lot of motion line and sketchiness which sets it apart from the straight edge usual shounen. I’m also hoping the manga-ka doesn’t get trained into “Boobs = better!” for manga, as this seems to be their first work and I’d like them to keep a fairly consistent style.

Ginga Kikoutai Majestic Prince [Shounen – Mecha]
This is about as shounen as you can get. It seems to have crammed three (or more) anime and types of anime into itself. It’s got the Macross (F), the aliens look human and have that war thing going on – time for a rival!, with the sentai Red, Blue, Yellow, Pink and Purple! Even so much the leader (red) actually is writing a sentai story and his literal reason for doing MJP is “I want to be a (sentai) hero!”. It’s also got the feel of Sousei no Aquarion with Gatou as a Fudou Gen type COMPLETE with scar! That and the fact the guy let’s on more than he knows. That and the downtime with the character has a similarity with Sousei. it does contain impossible boobs and I don’t really like that one of the female characters is a complete ditz and an airhead AND support AND the pink one. However I haven’t seen them focus on the breasts and how they jiggle (yet) so I haven’t been too put off by it. That and when they were talking about all their dreams… the women didn’t get a chance to voice there like “Nope the men are more important!”. It’s probably not going to get high marks, but I do kinda want to see what the story with the enemy is.

Suisei no Gargantia [Seinen – Mecha]
This is another mecha show, though it takes a different approach by shoving out mecha hero back to Earth that has been forgotten. I like the take on the future pilot back to basics. But much of the episode is of him kidnapping the girl and running around with her. That really didn’t need to happen. However he ends up with a bunch of guns in his face. I also don’t like the “magic translation” that happens. I’d rather like to see him bumble around trying to figure out what they are saying rather than “Computer translates everything magically!” I don’t even think future computers will be able to automatically translate a completely foreign language. I’ll watch another one of this one and if the feeling isn’t right, I’ll probably dump it.